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How to save money on a new fence

A new fence is a wise but often costly investment. Fortunately, there are ways you can save on costs for your fence. Here are some ways to make your fencing project more affordable.


Have a budget

Before you do anything else, set a budget. This will help keep you on track and prevent costs from getting out of control. When talking to fencing contractors, let them know what budget you’re working with so they can recommend the best fence design and products for your needs.


Determine both upfront and long-term costs

There are many types of materials you can use to build your new fence. What fence type you choose will affect both your upfront cost and your maintenance and repair costs in the future. Here’s an overview of common fencing materials:


Chain-link. The most affordable fencing material is chain-link. It’s easy to install and has virtually no long-term maintenance costs. Galvanized and vinyl-coated chain-link resists rust and is easy to repair.


Wood. This type of fencing is more expensive. There are also higher long-term costs associated with maintaining wood, which requires a fresh coat of paint or stain every few years. Additionally, wood can rot or warp, leading to the need for costly repairs.


Wrought iron. This type of fencing is the most expensive but it’s also the most durable. With the right maintenance and care, wrought iron ornamental fencing can last for decades.


Tear down the old fence yourself

Building a fence can be complicated, especially if you have hills, dips and angles on your property. For this reason, it’s best to leave your fence installation to the professionals. However, you can do much of the prep-work yourself, especially if you have an existing fence. Save money by tearing down your existing fence yourself.


Make a plan

A fence that follows a straight line is easier and therefore cheaper to build than a fence that goes up and down hills and crosses odd angles. Make a plan with your fence contractor to come up with the least expensive fence design possible.


Hire a professional

The team at Lynx Brand Fence Products installs all types of fences for residential and commercial clients in Alberta and British Columbia. We can offer you affordable fencing that’s easy to maintain and built to last. Contact our fencing contractors in Calgary, Spruce Grove, or Kelowna today to get a free estimate on a new fence or to learn more about our products and services.


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