Farm & Field

Barbed & Farm Wire Fences in Calgary, Spruce Grove & Kelowna

Lynx Brand Fence Products offers a full range of farm, ranch and game fencing. We sell hinge knot farm fence, fixed knot game fence, lawn fence, barbed wire and high tensile wire fence.

Farm and Ranch Fence

This is a galvanized woven field fence (hinge knot style), perfect for safeguarding livestock and most commonly used in Western Canada. It is available in 32", 39", 47", and 55" styles and sold in 20-rod rolls (330'). Standard farm fence is 10 gauge top and bottom wires, with 12 ½ gauge filler wires. High Tensile is 12 ½ gauge top and bottom with 14 gauge filler wires.

Fixed Knot Game Fence

This is a high tensile fence with a fixed knot, which holds the vertical stay wires in place, unlike any other fence. This fence comes in 48", 60", 72" and 96" heights and is sold in 20-rod rolls (330')

Lawn Fence

This is a durable 12 ½ gauge welded 4" x 2" utility type fence with an added heavy zinc coating for long life. It has many uses and is commonly installed around acreages, farms and construction sites.

Barbed Wire

Available in 12 ½ gauge galvanized commercial grade with a standard 80-rod roll (1320')

High Tensile Fence Wire

Available in 12 ½ gauge galvanized standard sold per 50lb. spool.

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