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Cantilever Gate Installation Edmonton, Calgary & Spruce Grove

Lynx Brand Fence Products Alta Ltd provides top-notch cantilever gate installation solutions across Edmonton, Calgary, Spruce Grove, and Alberta. Cantilever gates utilize a heavy-duty roller assembly mounted to two upright posts. This system allows the gate to roll free from the ground. These gates are a popular choice for automated access systems as they allow for ease of operation.


Rolling gates are an economical option for access to a site when confines do not allow for your gate to swing. The back of the gate rolls on wheels that are attached to a track assembly that runs along the fence line. The front of the gate is supported by a double wheel assembly that rolls on the ground. This gate system is difficult to automate.

Industrial cantilever gates are a highly useful and intelligent fencing choice in metal gates as our Calgary and Edmonton area clients can attest. These gates have a heavy-duty roller mounted at the base of two upright posts that allows the gate to roll free from the ground. Because industrial gates tend to be large, cantilever gates are a great fencing choice because they are so easy to open for their size. The gate is supported by a double-wheel assembly in the front and rolls on the assembly track that runs alongside the fence itself. This type of gate is highly economical because of this rolling system—it takes up much less space than a typical gate.

Our cantilever gates are also a popular choice because they can be automated for push-button convenience and ease of access. Calgary metal gate owners and business owners across Western Canada have discovered the durability and reliability of our automated cantilever gates.

Professional Affiliations and Accreditations

Calgary Construction Association
Alberta Construction safety Association
Alberta One Call


Extremely Helpful!

“Kristy has been extremely helpful with my fence project throughout the year. The perfect person at the front desk to answer all questions and get things I needed ASAP.”

Marco B.

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