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Residential Chain Link Fencing in Edmonton

Firstly, chain link fencing is commonly used in and around homes to keep pets and kids within the yard or property. Our team at Lynx Brand Fence Products Alta Ltd provides high-quality and affordable residential chain link fencing across Edmonton, Spruce Grove and Calgary, Alberta. Chain link is a very durable option for enclosing all or parts of your residential property. It can be installed on sloped or smooth terrains and is available in various heights, colours and styles. It can last for years and provide you with the most safety and the least hassle compared to other alternatives like wood or iron. 

If you want to add an attractive and protective fence for your home, chain link fencing is a versatile solution and can be helpful for many reasons. Our chain link fences are secure, durable and reliable. The quality of these chain link fences is equal to no other.

Further, we have offered customized fencing solutions for homes, offices, and industrial, recreational and commercial spaces for the past 47 years. Contact us to speak with our experts!

Uses of Residential Chain Link Fencing

Depending on your project and your fencing requirements, some materials work better than other alternatives. If you want a fence that provides security without the closed-in feeling of a wood or iron full-privacy fencing options, chain link fencing might just be the perfect option for you. It is relatively easy to install and available in a wide range of colour coatings, materials and sizes to serve all kinds of temporary or permanent fencing needs.


Chain link fencing is commonly used for residential purposes and can be used to create a space to:

Keep children and pets safe within an enclosure.

Provide an extra layer of protection to deter burglars and intruders.


If you live in the urban area or off a busy road in Edmonton, residential chain link fencing allows you to use your space effectively to provide an extra measure of safety and security. Please call us at our offices across Alberta to learn more about our products. Our Edmonton, Spruce Grove and Calgary teams will be happy to speak with you.

8 Advantages of Chain Link Fencing

No. 1: Affordability.

No. 2: Variety.

No. 3: Low Maintenance.

No. 4: Visibility.

No. 5: Quick Installation. 

No. 6: Durability.

No. 7: Easy Repair.

No. 8: Security.

Explore our gallery of completed jobs, and check out our blog for more information on the residential fencing solutions available to you in Edmonton. Please have a look at our full list of gate automation products and fencing services. Give us a call to discuss your specific requirements and get a free quote on your project.

Premium Residential Chain Link Fencing

We can help you create a safe and secure enclosure in and around your home with high-quality residential chain link fencing in Edmonton, Spruce Grove and Calgary, AB.

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