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  • 13/11/2020 0 Comments
    5 Considerations When Building a Fence

    Considering building a fence around your yard? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners elect to install fencing on their property, and while several different factors might motivate the decision, the considerations to be weighed are always the same. If you’re looking to install a residential fence in Calgary, Kelowna or Spruce Grove, reflect on these five things first.


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  • 13/11/2020 0 Comments
    The Advantage of Automatic Gates for Your Commercial Property

    No matter what your commercial property is being used for, there are a number of critical advantages that come with having automatic gates. Business owners that we’ve worked with in Calgary, Kelowna and Spruce Grove have reaped the benefits that come with installing automatic gates on their sites. Here are some of the most often noted merits.

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  • 13/11/2020 0 Comments
    Characteristics of Quality Commercial Fencing

    A quality commercial fence for your business is almost certainly a necessity. But the right type of enclosure will vary greatly based upon the unique features of your particular business. At Lynx Brand Fence Products, we offer a wide range of solutions to business owners of all kinds in Calgary, Kelowna, Spruce Grove and other surrounding areas. Here are a few characteristics of commercial fences that denote quality.

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  • side view of a fence
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    Should You Consider a Security Fence for Your Business?

    No matter what kind of business you run, you’re sure to have assets that you need to protect. If you have an office that has sensitive material, run an oil field that needs to be secure, or just want your clients and employees to feel safe, a security fence is your best line of defense.

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  • smiling contractor
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    Questions You Should Ask Your Fencing Contractor

    Hiring a fencing contractor can be a time-consuming process, particularly if you’re not familiar with fence construction. It’s an unfortunate truth that not all contractors deal honestly with their clients so you should be sure you’re getting the best service before you sign a contract.

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  • Ornamental Wrought Iron Fence
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    The Benefits of Decorative Fences

    There are many excellent reasons to install a residential fence on your property. However, if aesthetic appeal tops your list of priorities when it comes to your fencing, then there’s nothing that quite compares to a decorative wrought fence. Whether your home is in Calgary, Kelowna or Spruce Grove, a decorative fence will enhance the beauty of your yard and garden.

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  • man holding a fence
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    How to Find a Reputable Fencing Contractor

    If you’re planning to install a fence on your property, you probably have several requirements in mind regarding how the project should be completed. You need it to be made of high quality materials, you don’t want to spend a fortune and most of all, the people who build it must be reputable. Here’s how to find the perfect fencing contractor who meets all your needs.

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  • dog sitting in front of a fence
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    5 Ways Your Dog Can Escape a Dog Run or Fenced Yard

    A fenced-in backyard, or one with a separate dog pen, is a great thing for pet owners to have. Afterall, it provides a secure environment for dogs to exercise, play and do their business. However, no matter what you do, some dogs are natural born escape artists. Here are some of the ways Fido may be able to get out of the run, kennel or other type of fencing on your property.


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  • fence
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    5 Different Uses for Chain Link Fence

    No matter where you live, you’ve probably come across chain link fences more than once. In fact, chain link is so ubiquitous, you probably see it every day. This is largely because it’s one of the most cost-effective, durable and versatile fencing materials on the market. Keep reading to learn more about the five most common applications of this fencing material.


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  • side view of a fence
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    How to Choose the Right Kind of Fence for Your Needs

    Whether you’re looking to mark the perimeter of your property, give yourself some privacy or create a dedicated area where your dogs can get some exercise, there’s a unique fencing solution that’s right for you. 


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    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    Types of Farm Fencing and What They’re Used For

    Most farm and ranch owners favour some type of wire fencing for containing their animals and protecting their crops, as it’s both affordable and effective. 
    To help you determine which type of wire farm fencing is right for your property, here’s an overview of the various types.


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  • iron fence
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    Are There Limits to How High I Can Build My Fence?

    There are strict rules governing the construction of residential fences. For example, fences can’t encroach upon city property or utilities. There are also height restrictions, and these vary by municipality.


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  • installed fence
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    5 Reasons a Fence Around Your Property is a Good Idea

    The best way to get the most out of your property is to install a fence, and here are five reasons why.


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  • installed fence around the premises
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    4 Reasons to Consider Fencing for Your Business

    From industrial complexes to simple franchises, almost any business can benefit from a commercial fence. Here are four reasons why you should consider installing one.



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  • metal fence
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    Should You Repair Or Replace Your Metal Fence?

    Whether you have a chain-link or decorative fence, chances are that, over time, it’ll become damaged and start to show its age.

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  • man opening a gate with remote
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    Troubleshooting Common Electric Gate Problems

    Automatic driveway gates provide an additional layer of security, which is why many homeowners and commercial operators rely on them to control who has access to their property.

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  • Safety First
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    COVID-19: Our Health and Safety Protocols

    At Lynx Brand Fence Products, we’ve adapted our services in response to the coronavirus pandemic to ensure the safety of our workers and clients.

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  • Sports Fence
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    Why You Should Install Your Sports Fence Before Summer

    If you need to have a sports fence installed or replaced, summer may not be the best time to do so. Here’s why you should consider installing the fence in spring or fall instead.

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  • iron fence
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    Why Installing a Fence Around a School Is Important

    School fences are commonplace and may be taken for granted. However, their importance in keeping students safe shouldn’t be underestimated. Here’s why every school should invest in a well-built fence.

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  • man holding a fence
    13/11/2020 0 Comments
    5 things property managers should consider when choosing a fence

    Fencing is a worthwhile investment for your commercial property, provided you select a quality product. Here are five key factors to take into account when choosing a fence.


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  • Iron Fence
    01/10/2020 0 Comments
    How to Get Your Iron Fence Ready For Winter

    Iron is one of the most durable and weather-resistant materials for fences. However, iron fences do require periodic maintenance to help prevent rust and damage. Here’s how to get your ornamental fence ready for the snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures. 

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  • Dog Run in a property
    01/10/2020 0 Comments
    5 Reasons to Add a Dog Run to Your Property

    A dog run is essentially a big outdoor kennel for your pooch. Usually, it’s enclosed by a chain-link fence that allows the sun and air to flow in freely. Here are five good reasons to build a dog run for your four-legged friend. 

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Extremely Helpful!

“Kristy has been extremely helpful with my fence project throughout the year. The perfect person at the front desk to answer all questions and get things I needed ASAP.”

Marco B.

Efficient Crew

“When I called requesting a quote for a fence replacement the call back from Mike Harwood was prompt, he dropped by the same day took the necessary measurements, size of the gate we needed and made some recommendations. We had a written quote a few days later, Mike was available to meet with my husband to confirm the project. He ensured our yard would be fenced with temporary panels while building the fence to keep our pet secure in the yard. The crew that came out was efficient, they did an excellent job. Very happy with our new fence, highly recommend Lynx Fencing for the company of choice when requiring a fence or replacing a fence, great job Mike and crew.”

Kathy T.

Great Service

“I’ve made several orders with lynx. Mike is very professional and charming. Good service and selection for chain-link fence.”

Doug B.

Very Knowledgeable

“I had problems with my electric gate, Lynx offered a different solution for the system and my gate is now running with no issues. Very knowledgeable over the phone.”

Ajzak A.

High-Quality Service

“Outstanding service and highly satisfied once again! This is the second time we have used Lynx Brand Fence. Because we were so satisfied the first time, we came back when we expanded our operation. Once again Charles and his crew from the Calgary Office provided us with outstanding service from the very beginning when they quoted the job to its completion. The crew that came out to do the job was extremely friendly and professional and were on time to start the job and, as promised, finished the job on schedule. I would highly recommend Lynx Brand Fence to anyone; the product and materials they use are high quality and the service they provided could not have been better. Thank you, Charles and the entire staff at Lynx Brand! We proudly have the Lynx Brand Gold logo protecting our property on the new fence and it’s still on the old fence.”

Dave H.

Reliable and Professional

“The staff at Lynx are unbelievable! Samuel and his crew are very reliable and professional. I would highly recommend anyone looking for fencing to contact Lynx. The quality of workmanship is outstanding. I will be using them again without hesitation.”

Mary S.

Cost-Effective Solution

“After purchasing a new RV we decided it would be wise to increase the security where it is parked. A bit of a different shaped area that I thought would be difficult and expensive to fence. After visiting the Lynx fencing office and receiving a bit of "expert" advice it was clear that a much better and cheaper solution existed. A quote was provided which I price checked. The quote was clearly the best solution at the best price. Having given the go-ahead the locates, post-install, and fence install all were completed in quick order. At every step, the staff checked in to be sure we were happy with the work before they left. I would recommend that anyone with a chain-link fence project start here, they really know their stuff and are determined to see you with the best and lowest cost solution that meets your needs.”

Mike R.

Great Staff

“Small buyer, but my go-to place for fencing. Great staff, very helpful and knowledgeable.”

Freddy M.

Prompt and Effective

“I have had Lynx install 2 large fences in areas over the last 2 years. Prompt service and a great product installed well for a great price. I'm looking forward to working with Mike and his team again for my next project.”

Info I.

100% Satisfaction

“Lynx Brand Fence had installed the fence and automation gate for our large parking lot. Sam was very helpful to put things together for our project. Robert (construction manager) is very responsible to complete the project. He will do whatever he had promised verbally to you, very trustable, reliable and professional; and very easy to get a hold of all the time, even pick up the phone after hours. He always ensures to get things done for your satisfaction. I will use Lynx Brand Fence again for our next project. Highly recommended!”

Mike W.

Great Work

“I had a great experience with Lynx Brand Fences, as the owner of a large real estate brokerage I can appreciate great work in a timely manner and all the staff from the owner down was great!”

George B.

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