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5 Different Uses for Chain Link Fence


No matter where you live, you’ve probably come across chain link fences more than once. In fact, chain link is so ubiquitous, you probably see it every day. This is largely because it’s one of the most cost-effective, durable and versatile fencing materials on the market. Keep reading to learn more about the five most common applications of this fencing material.


1. Perimeter Fence

If you want an easy way to mark the boundaries of your property, then chain link is the way to go. Whether you’re a business owner trying to control access to certain areas or a homeowner trying to keep children or animals safely enclosed within the yard, chain link allows you to define the border around your property without blocking out the sunlight or your view of the street.


2. Security Fence

Unlike other materials that can completely impede your view of what’s happening on the other side, chain link fence allows you to maintain your visibility of the street, which is an essential feature of a security fence. For added safety, chain link fencing can be topped with barbed wire.


3. Create Privacy

If you don’t think that a chain link fence can provide privacy, then think again! If you want to enjoy the strength and durability of chain link fencing while still maintaining your privacy, simply add vinyl privacy slats or privacy mesh to create a highly secure fence that also provides privacy.


4. Animal Enclosures

Chain link is a great option if you’re trying to create a safe and secure dog run or outdoor kennel. Installing an enclosure for your dog can give your pet the outdoor time they crave while you rest easy knowing that they’re contained, safe, and getting some exercise.


5. Park or School Fence

Schools all across Canada, including many in Edmonton, rely on chain link to create safe and secure barriers around the schoolyards. Chain link fence provides school children a clearly defined space for their play and provide parents and school administrators with peace of mind.



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