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Barbed Wire Farm Fences in Alberta

Lynx Brand Fence Products Alta Ltd offers a full range of farm, ranch and game fencing. We sell hinge knot farm fence, fixed knot game fence, lawn fence, barbed wire and high tensile wire fence. fences from Lynx Brand Fence Products Alta Ltd are a reliable and cost-effective way to protect your livestock from escaping your farm. Our farm fences around Calgary also act as an effective barrier to protect your farm from the intrusion of pests and predators. We assure you of high quality and craftsmanship in our farm fences around Edmonton. Contact us today to create a durable and resistant farm fence to protect your livestock or family.

Types of Farm Fences

Depending upon your specific needs and requirements, our experts can help you choose the most suitable farm fences in Calgary area for your farm. When you own a farm, it is your responsibility to secure and safeguard the fixtures, livestock, material, stored products as well as other materials stored in the farm. The types of fences we offer include:

Farm and ranch fence

This is a galvanized woven field fence (hinge knot style), perfect for safeguarding livestock and most commonly used in Western Canada. It is available in 32", 39", 47", and 55" styles and sold in 20-rod rolls (330'). Standard farm fence is 10 gauge top and bottom wires, with 12½ gauge filler wires. High Tensile is 12 ½ gauge top and bottom with 14 gauge filler wires.

Fixed-knot game fence

This is a high tensile fence with a fixed knot, which holds the vertical stay wires in place, unlike any other fence. This fence comes in 48", 60", 72" and 96" heights and is sold in 20-rod rolls (330').

Lawn fence

This is a durable 12½ gauge welded 4"x2" utility type fence with an added heavy zinc coating for long life. It has many uses and is commonly installed around acreages, farms and construction sites.

Barbed wire

Available in 12½ gauge galvanized commercial grade with a standard 80-rod roll (1320'), the barbed wire with sharp edges proves to be an inexpensive and highly secure material to protect your fences.

High tensile fence wire

Available in 12½ gauge galvanized standard sold per 50lb. spool, a high tensile wire fence is a significant improvement from barbed wires protecting and controlling cattle, livestock and sheep on ranches.

Why You Need Farm Fencing

You may save some money by not installing a proper fence around your agricultural property. However, it can cause expensive damages due to the intrusion of unwanted pests and stray animals in the long run. Here’s why you need proper fencing for your agricultural land.

Securing Your Precious Livestock
It is common for farm animals to wander unless they are confined by the critical perimeters. This can be an extremely threatening situation as it can make them vulnerable to predators, theft and the elements. Without appropriate fencing, you could easily lose your farm animals, including cows and buffalos.
Cost-Effective Security Solutions.
Farm fences are a cost-effective and functional solution to control the movement of farm animals and to keep them secure. Putting up a barbed-wire fence can go a long way towards keeping your livestock and agricultural products safe without spending a large fortune.
Customizability and Versatility
While selecting the most suitable fence for your farm, you must take into account the kind of animals you are trying to confine. Depending upon your specific requirements, we can help you choose the material and type of fence in Calgary.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years of serving clients across Alberta, we have established ourselves as the trusted fence installers of the city. Our attention to detail and expansive inventory of high-quality products has helped us win the trust of our customers. We are committed to providing our clients with the most suitable fences as per their needs. If you have been looking to secure your agricultural property, you can trust us for high-quality farm fences in Edmonton. Call us to know more.

Contact Us

At Lynx Brand Fence Products Alta Ltd, we are known for our responsive and knowledgeable professionals. When you contact us for your needs, we ensure a quick turnaround time and a high level of service within the agreed time scale and cost estimate. Call us to know more.

Durable Farm Fences in and around Calgary

At Lynx Brand Fence Products Alta Ltd, we can take care of all your agricultural fencing needs in Calgary and Edmonton.

Professional Affiliations and Accreditations

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