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5 Reasons a Fence Around Your Property is a Good Idea

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The best way to get the most out of your property is to install a fence, and here are five reasons why.


1. Your Kids Can Play Safely

Fencing your yard ensures that you don’t have to worry about young children wandering off into the street or a neighbour’s yard. It’ll also reduce the likelihood of balls and other toys getting lost. Just as importantly, however, a fence will also keep wild animals and stray pets out of your yard.


2. Your Pets Won’t Run Away

Even well-behaved dogs can bolt if a rabbit or squirrel steps onto their turf at the wrong time. Installing a fence will ensure your dog won’t run away and end up in the street, where they could get hit by a car. It’ll also keep other animals out of your yard. This is especially important in areas where wild animals tend to wander in backyards, as they can be dangerous.


3. Your Property’s Value Will Rise

Prospective buyers, especially those with kids or pets, will often consider an existing fence to be a major selling point. For them, not having to go through the hassle of installing one may be worth paying more for the house. In addition, an ornamental fence will considerably boost curb appeal.


4. You’ll Avoid Property Line Disputes

Installing a fence is a reliable way to solve property line disputes. Even if your neighbours aren’t the kind to encroach on your property, a fence will forestall any such issues in the future. Just make sure to work with a surveyor and with the city to know exactly where the property line is.


5. Your Insurance Premiums May Go Down

Because a quality fence is often considered to be an additional security and safety feature, your insurance company may lower your premiums if you install one. This is especially true if you have a pool or other recreational installation, as fences around these will restrict access and reduce the risk of injury.


Fencing Contractors in Calgary, Edmonton and Kelowna

Remember that a fence is only as good as the people who install it, so trust the experts at Lynx Brand Fence Products. We provide a range of residential fencing services, so contact us today to discuss your project or to get a free estimate.


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