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Myths About Chain Link Fence Debunked

chain link fence

Did you know that the global fencing industry is expected to reach 40.9 billion by 2027? Metal fencing is projected to grow at a 5.1% CAGR. This shows you that there is a demand for chain link fencing and other kinds of metal fencing, even if many negative myths are perpetuated about them.

If you wish to install a chain link fence in Edmonton, you are on the right track. Try to dispel some chain link fence myths before that by reading through our article below. 


They Are Loud

Many folks think that residential chain link fencing makes more noise than steel, wood, or aluminum fencing. But that's actually not true.

Unless you live in a city with regular hurricanes or tornado-strength winds, your chain link fencing will not be any louder than other fences and will not disturb the peace of your home or your neighbours. 


They Don't Last Long

Another fear of chain link fencing is that they don't last long because they rust easily. That might be true if your chain link fence is poor quality. But if you have chosen a reputable fencing company, they will ensure that your fence is protected from rust in many ways.

Not only are modern fences made from modern grade metal (galvanized steel) specifically designed to resist rust, but it's also vinyl treated and coated to prevent scratching and rusting of the fence. Also, the supports are set in concrete during installation to ensure that they remain solid even in heavy gusts and don't topple over. 


They Are Cost-Effective

Chain link fencing is highly cost-effective for various reasons. Firstly, they are highly affordable considering the cost per square foot. 

Secondly, because they are protected against rust, they last long, even when subjected to a lot of precipitation or harsh outdoor elements.

Thirdly, the heavy gauge wire and the robust structure of chain link fencing ensure they last long without much maintenance. 

Your residential chain link fencing will last a long time without requiring any maintenance from your end. They are also cheaper to construct and install, so that you can save money that way.

And don't worry about the chain link fencing looking off-putting or too militaristic. They can be customized and painted, so they look as good as a fence made of other materials.


Install Chain Link Fence in Edmonton

Don't let the chain-link fencing myths mentioned above hold you back. There are many reasons why residential and commercial customers should consider chain link fencing for their properties. 

If you are ready to install a chain link fence in Edmonton, get a quote with Lynx Brand Fence Products Alta Ltd today. We service the Edmonton, Kelowna, Spruce Grove, and Calgary areas. We are a family business that has operated for more than 47 years, and we let our family pride drive the best service and quality in fencing out there.

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