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Troubleshooting Common Electric Gate Problems

man opening a gate with remote

Automatic driveway gates provide an additional layer of security, which is why many homeowners and commercial operators rely on them to control who has access to their property.


However, they can sometimes undergo various problems. Here are five common issues automatic gates might have and how you can evaluate them.


1. Unusual noise

Automatic gates aren’t silent, but when they’re noisier than normal or produce a new, unusual sound, there may be something wrong. Sometimes the cause of the problem is something as simple as there being an item stuck in the mechanism, especially if there’s vegetation along the gate’s path. Other times, the cause isn’t readily apparent, and finding it may necessitate hiring a professional to disassemble and reassemble the mechanism.

2. Gate not working

If your gate simply isn’t working, it could be due to an electrical outage. Check that the gate is still receiving power. If it is, your remote control may simply need new batteries. If that’s not the issue, manually check the door to see if it slides or swings freely or if there’s something preventing it from moving. If all this fails, your next step is to call someone to help diagnose the problem.

3. Obstructed sensors

Another reason why your gate isn’t working properly may be that pests have taken up residence in the nooks and crannies of the opening mechanism. This can result in the sensors becoming blocked, thus preventing the gate from operating properly. This can also be cause by moss or mould growing on the sensors. A simple visual inspection and, if necessary, a quick wipe with a cloth, should solve the problem.

4. Stuck in manual mode

Switching to manual mode is sometimes necessary, such as when a power outage prevents the motor form operating. However, if your gate is stuck on manual, it may be time to call a technician. Some models will default to manual mode when it’s time for their yearly inspection as a way to prevent additional strain to the motor.

5. Gate is jerky or gets stuck

A gate that doesn’t open smoothly is usually caused by worn out components of your gate system. This could be an issue with the rollers, hinges or rails of your gate. This is obviously a problem that should be handled by a professional as it could require replacement parts. However, you should check to make sure that the problem can’t be cleared by getting rid of dirt and debris.



Ensuring that your gates and fences are in good shape is paramount to ensuring the safety of your residential or commercial property. For installations or service calls, trust Lynx Brand Fence Products. We serve customers in the Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna and Spruce Grove areas, so contact us today to make an appointment or get a quote.


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25 nov 2023

Opened gate with my clicker and now I can’t get it closed. I can hear it engage when I use clicker but nothing happens. I push the open/close button inside panel and you hear it engage but nothing happens.

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Cobus Kruger
Cobus Kruger
24 ene
Contestando a

Hi Hammondg, mine is doing this, did you get yours to work again?

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