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Which Is Better for Your Home A Cantilever or Sliding Gate?

Cantilever at a house

Did you know that entry gates have a high ROI on property value of up to 5%? This is thanks to the improved property's overall look, appeal, and security.

A property owner's top priority is investing in a high-quality driveway gate. And two of the best options include a cantilever and sliding gate.

Since these two types of sliding gates are quite similar, choosing the best option can be difficult. This quick guide will help you make an informed choice.


Cantilever Gate

A cantilever gate has a lever system that you can tuck behind the fencing. The lever system allows it to glide gently without touching the ground.

The gate has rollers fixed to two supporting posts to glide in the air. The posts lie on one side of the gate, and the distance between them is half the gate opening length.

You should consider the elevation and storage when choosing a cantilever slide gate. It's because the installation should be level and have adequate opening and storage space.

The perks of cantilever gates include a longer lifespan, a great choice for uneven grounds, and ease of automation. But the space needed for the installation can be quite a disadvantage if you have limited space.


Sliding Gate

As the name suggests, a sliding gate slides along the ground when closing or opening. You can even open or close it at will. It's a great option for properties with sloping driveways where a different gate style doesn't fit.

Sliding gates are gaining popularity on sites with limited spaces. They are a great alternative to swing gates (which need more space to operate freely). You can also get one to improve your property's security measures.

Since the gate supports itself, you can build it from different materials. The material options include Colorbond steel and hardwood timbers. In the long run, you get to have the finish of your choice.

A sliding gate is an excellent choice for pet owners and families with infants. There won't be any gapping under the gate for your pets to sneak out. You can also have an automated gate for convenience.

One of the cons of this option is that it can easily get lodged on gravel. The lodging may create unwanted noise or cause gradual damage.


Verdict: Which One is Better?

Cantilever and sliding gates have their pros and cons, as discussed above. So, the best choice comes down to personal preferences. You also need to consider your driveway material and budget.

Cantilever gates are a perfect choice for properties where security is a top priority. They have no clear weak point and boast an imposing presence for increased security.

On the other hand, a slide gate system is an excellent option for properties with space concerns. You can install them on your premises if something is blocking your access point area for safe and easy access.


Looking for Custom Sliding Gates for Your Home?

If it is challenging to pick between a cantilever and a siding gate, our Lynx Brand Fence Products experts can help you. We offer custom security fencing, backstops, chain-link fences, and automated sliding gates across Calgary and Spruce Grove.

Get a detailed quote from us to get started with our solutions.


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