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5 Reasons to Add a Dog Run to Your Property

Dog Run in a property

A dog run is essentially a big outdoor kennel for your pooch. Usually, it’s enclosed by a chain-link fence that allows the sun and air to flow in freely. Here are five good reasons to build a dog run for your four-legged friend. 

1. Keep your pup safe

A dog run allows your dog to enjoy the outdoors without supervision. This is particularly important if you have a property containing potential hazards, such as a swimming pool, or if you worry about your dog escaping from your yard. A dog run also keeps your pup safe from other dogs and animals. 

2. Give your dog exercise

Staying cooped up in the house can make your dog lethargic. Going outside, on the other hand, is stimulating for your pet. With a dog run that’s large enough for your pooch to play around in, you’ll be able to provide the exercise he needs and would otherwise lack if you had to keep your dog indoors. 

3. Keep your lawn pristine

If you let your dog roam freely on your property, you can forget about that lush green lawn. Unless your dog is uncommonly well trained, it’s probably going to do its business on the grass, potentially causing it to die and resulting in unsightly yellow patches. 

4. Allow your garden to flourish

Dogs can wreak havoc on vegetable and flower gardens, whether it’s by digging up the soil, doing their business in the wrong spot or helping themselves to a snack. What’s more, your dog may be allergic to certain plants in your yard. With a dog run, you keep your garden safe from your dog and your dog safe. 

5. Make it easier to pick up after your dog

Cleaning up after your pet is a whole lot easier if you don’t have to scour your entire yard for hidden treasures. If you have a dog run, you don’t need to look far to find where your pup did his business. Having a dog run also helps you avoid the unhappy scenario of inadvertently stepping on dog excrement while you’re out in the yard with family or friends.

Chain-link dog runs in Calgary, Spruce Grove and Kelowna 

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