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How to Choose the Right Commercial Chain Link Fence

A photo of commercial chain link fence

If you want to keep intruders out of your commercial property, then you need to rely on a durable commercial chain link fence. Chain link fences, in particular, are a reliable solution. Can you believe that Canada's violent crime rate is at the highest it's been in three decades?

Are you wondering what this solution involves? Keep reading to learn why you should get a commercial chain link fence.

What Is a Commercial Chain Link Fence?

A commercial chain link fence is great for commercial properties, construction sites, industrial areas, and more. It's characterized by its distinctive woven pattern of metal wires. These wires form a durable and secure barrier. Chain link fences provide security while allowing visibility.

Commercial Chain Link Material

When choosing a commercial chain link fence, the material of the chain links plays a crucial role. The most common materials for commercial chain link fences are galvanized steel and vinyl-coated steel.

Galvanized steel resists rust and corrosion. Vinyl-coated steel offers protection against rust while providing esthetic colour options.

Commercial Chain Link Height

The height of a commercial chain link fence is an important factor to consider. It directly impacts the fence's effectiveness in providing security and privacy.

The height requirement will depend on the specific purpose. For instance, if security is the primary concern, a taller fence may be necessary. This will keep out unauthorized individuals.

Is the fence meant to mark boundaries or prevent small animals from entering the premises? If so, a lower height can do the trick.

Commercial Chain Link Gauge

The gauge of a commercial chain link fence refers to the thickness of the metal wires used in the fence's construction. The gauge determines the fence's strength and durability. A lower gauge number indicates thicker and stronger wires.

Common gauges for commercial chain link fences range from 9 to 6, with lower gauges being more robust. Consider the level of security required and the potential for impact when choosing the appropriate gauge for your fence.

Commercial Chain Link Customization

If you opt for vinyl-coated steel, you can pick colours that match the surrounding environment or the branding of your business.

Privacy inserts can be added to the chain link fence to reduce visibility from the outside. These inserts are ideal for areas where privacy is a priority.

Fence slats can be inserted into the chain link to create a solid barrier that offers privacy and aesthetic appeal. Consider incorporating gates with access control mechanisms such as card readers, keypads, or remote entry systems for controlled entry and exit.

Get a High-Quality Commercial Chain Link Fence in Edmonton, Calgary, Spruce Grove, Kelowna

With the right commercial chain link fence, you'll protect your property and have valuable peace of mind.

You can always count on Lynx Brand Fence for your commercial fencing solutions. Our services include galvanized chain link fences, construction fences, cantilever gates, and even gate automation.

We're ready to discuss your needs and provide a reliable quote. Get in touch with Lynx Brand Fencefor a commercial chain link fence that fits your specifications.


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