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Should You Consider a Security Fence for Your Business?

side view of a fence

No matter what kind of business you run, you’re sure to have assets that you need to protect. If you have an office that has sensitive material, run an oil field that needs to be secure, or just want your clients and employees to feel safe, a security fence is your best line of defense.

Because businesses have such varying needs, we at Lynx Fence Brand Products offer many kinds of residential and commercial fences from an ornamental fence, automatic gates, and even simple chain link fences. We have locations that can serve you in the Calgary Kelowna, and Spruce Grove areas. Although there’s an endless variety of gates for specific needs, here’s a little more information on these general categories of security fence:



We think of this chain link fence as the basic model of security fence. It’s the kind of chain link fence most people think of when they hear the phrase. If you have a very large area to protect, this can often be the most cost-effective way to do it. Similarly, if your security concerns are only minimal, a simple galvanized chain link fence can deter most threats.


Galvanization refers to the thin layer of zinc that is attached to the outside of the metal of a fence. This zinc helps protect your fence from regular damage and rusting. If you’d like to get some extra protection to extend the life of your fence, you can upgrade it to a vinyl coating that looks sleeker and helps your fence last longer.



These fences are a step up from the basic chain link fence, both in the security they offer and their aesthetic appeal. These solid iron fences can keep out even the most determined trespassers. To get the most security for your money, we offer both pre-fabricated and made-to-order options. Furthermore, these fences can be made in any decorative shape you like, to add beauty to your property as well as security.



Although you property should be secure, that doesn’t mean that it should be a complicated task for you to enter or exit the property. We offer automatic gates for all residential and commercial fences at our Calgary, Kelowna, and Spruce Grove locations. Whether you want a simple swing gate or a more impressive cantilever gate, we offer several methods of ensuing only those who are authorized have access to your property. Depending on the amount of traffic you have, a keyless, wireless, telephone activated, or key card activated automatic gate will strike a balance between security and ease of access.

At Lynx Fence Brand Products, we want to help you keep your business’s assets safe. If you need ornamental fence and gates, or residential and commercial fence services for your simple chain link fence, we’re here to help. Contact us today at our Calgary, Kelowna, and Spruce Grove locations to find out more.


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