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5 Considerations When Building a Fence

Considering building a fence around your yard? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners elect to install fencing on their property, and while several different factors might motivate the decision, the considerations to be weighed are always the same. If you’re looking to install a residential fence in Calgary, Kelowna or Spruce Grove, reflect on these five things first.


1. What’s the Intended Purpose of the Fence?

There are many possible motivations for building a fence on your property. It’s important to know what your specific reasons are so that you can choose the appropriate design and materials for your enclosure. Some of the more common purposes for residential fences include:

  • Increasing your privacy

  • Clearly marking the boundaries of your property

  • Providing a safe contained space for children or pets to play

  • Keeping out neighbourhood children and pets

  • Improving the security features of your home

  • Increasing your property value

  • Making your home more attractive to potential buyers

  • Safely enclosing a pool, hot tub or other water feature 


2. Your Budget

Different fencing materials vary in cost. Knowing your budget will allow you to choose building supplies you can realistically afford. Some possible fencing materials include:

  • Chain link

  • Wood

  • Composite (engineered wood)

  • Vinyl

  • Wrought iron

  • Aluminum

Chain link fencing is the most affordable, and wood often works for those with a modest budget. Wrought iron fencing is the priciest option but it’s also the most durable. Keep in mind that you can choose to use more than one type of fencing material to save on overall costs while achieving a more favourable design aesthetic in the most visible areas.


3. The Amount of Space to Be Enclosed 

Understanding the total area you need to enclose will allow you to resolve just how much fencing material you have to purchase. This will help you determine what types of materials you can afford.


4. The Amount of Maintenance Required

Another consideration for choosing fencing materials is the amount of maintenance involved with each. Some fence types fare well with little to no maintenance whereas others require regular painting or sealing to prevent rotting or corrosion.


5. Future Uses for the Property 

When considering the type of residential fence you wish to build, it’s a good idea to keep your future plans for the property in mind. For example, if you think you might install a pool down the road, you’ll want to choose fencing that corresponds with the related local bylaws. Your choice of fencing may also be impacted by whether or not you’re planning to have children in the future or if you’ll be selling your home in a few years. Try to think long-term when it comes to selecting your fencing.



Lynx Brand Fence Products has been providing residential fence installation in Calgary, Kelowna and Spruce Grove for over 40 years. Contact us today for a free estimate or with any questions about our products and services.


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