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Why Installing a Fence Around a School Is Important

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School fences are commonplace and may be taken for granted. However, their importance in keeping students safe shouldn’t be underestimated. Here’s why every school should invest in a well-built fence.


It protects students from dangerous people

Unfortunately, there are cases of kidnappers and sexual predators targeting school playgrounds. A quality fence is your first line of defense against this serious threat. By limiting access to the school grounds, you help keep your students safe.


It prevents students from leaving the premises

Another way in which fencing keeps students safe is by keeping them on school property. There will always be students who try to play hooky, but it’s important that you do everything you can to prevent this. Student safety is your responsibility, and it’s jeopardized any time kids wander off the premises during school hours.


It allows you to monitor who comes and goes

Fences can be used as a form of natural surveillance. When the fencing encloses the entire property apart from a main entry point, this allows school administration to closely monitor the coming and going of visitors and prevent access to unauthorized intruders.


It’s important to choose a fence that allows you to see through to the other side, whether that be a chain-link fence or an ornamental fence. These fence types allow you to spot any suspicious activity occurring around the perimeter of the property.


It helps prevent theft

If a school doesn’t have a fence in place, there’s a risk of school property being stolen. For example, it’s common for sports equipment belonging to the school to be left or forgotten outside. Without fencing, these objects can easily be taken. Moreover, having a fence restricts access to bike racks, thereby helping prevent the theft of students’ bikes.


It contributes to an overall positive image of the school

A well-built, stylish fence makes a positive first impression on parents looking for a school for their child. A quality school fence provides them with the peace of mind of knowing that the school takes safety seriously.


Experienced Fencing Contractors in Calgary, Edmonton and Kelowna

For a well-built, expertly installed school fence, trust Lynx Brand Fence Products, the premier fence company in Canada. We offer galvanized chain link fences, vinyl-coated chain link fences and ornamental fences. These are the ideal fencing options for schools. Contact us for a free estimate on a school fence in Calgary, Kelowna or Edmonton.


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