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Advantages of Getting a Cantilever Gate Installed for Commercial Purposes

An image of cantilever gate.

Since Canada is seeing record numbers of annual violent crimes, protecting your business property and belongings should be a top priority.

A cantilever gate is a trackless system that uses a heavy-duty roller instead of a ground track. The rollers tuck behind the fence, and the bottom stays suspended when moving. This lets them roll above the ground when mounted to two posts.

Read on to learn their many benefits.

Enhanced Security

Cantilever gates don't have a clear opening point on the outside that criminals can apply pressure to. This makes them harder to force open than swing gates. They're harder to break into, and you're more likely to notice when someone tampers with the gate.

Smooth Operation

Cantilever gates can be automated so vehicles can go through at the click of a button. Because they

lack a ground track, it's also easy for commercial vehicles to enter and exit the property. They don't need to drive over something mounted to the ground, which makes them less likely to face damage.

Increased Durability

Cantilever gates use high-quality materials like galvanized steel and aluminum. They're weather-resistant and unlikely to break down over time. You won't need to worry about corrosion and can take advantage of a long gate lifespan.

Minimal Maintenance

Traditional gates require regular track cleaning to get rid of dirt and pebbles. They also need to be kept clear of ice buildup in the wintertime.

Cantilever gates are easier to maintain because there's no track to contend with. You'll just need to wipe them down periodically to keep them clean. Applying lubricant to keep the gate running smoothly is also an easy task.

Easy Integration

Access control systems let administrators allow access to certain employees while restricting others from entering your property at specific times. Cantilever gates are popular for those employing these systems because they're easy to operate.

All you need to do is enter the credentials of those you want using the system or have people scan a card to enter. The gate will then slide open to allow them in before closing up again.

Space Optimization

Cantilever gates save space because they move the system to the side. It doesn't open inwards and instead runs horizontally. When the gate opens, it goes behind the material on the other side before sliding back into place, which saves space when it allows access.

Improved Traffic Flow

Quick movement and access control integration improve the speed of traffic through the gate. It's also easier to move large vehicles through the gate without worrying about them getting stuck on tracks. This makes your business more efficient, especially if you must accommodate large fleets.


The installation process for cantilever gates is straightforward. The gates also use fewer materials than swing alternatives.

This makes the purchasing and installation costs lower. Plus, maintenance costs less, and the gate has a long lifespan, so it's cheaper in the long term, too.

Get Started with a Cantilever Gate in Edmonton, Calgary, Spruce Grove, Kelowna

Now that you know the advantages of using a cantilever gate on your commercial property, it's time to get started. Our team is committed to providing durable and secure fencing to residential and businesses in Edmonton, Calgary, Spruce Grove, and Kelowna. Reach out to Lynx Brand Fence to get a quote today.


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