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Lynx Installs Tennis Court & Backstop Fencing from Calgary to Kelowna

For sports like tennis, baseball and softball, fencing is imperative for the safety of the viewers. Without proper backstops or tennis enclosures at your sports complex, unlucky spectators could get hit with rogue baseballs or tennis balls. To avoid any injuries to your sports fans, be sure to contact Lynx Brand Fence Products. We offer custom fencing of all kinds, including tennis court enclosures, outfield fencing and backstop fencing in Calgary.

Baseball & Softball Backstops

Lynx Brand Fence Products has been custom building backstops for over 25 years. Our backstops are available with or without an overhang and generally come in heights of 10' and 20'. We can create backstops to suit the needs of any ball diamond, and we can erect outfield fences and dugouts to ensure your sports facility is complete.

Tennis Court Enclosures

Without a tennis court enclosure, players would be chasing tennis balls every time a point was won. When you rely on Lynx Brand Fence Products, your tennis courts can be enclosed in any style of light industrial chain link. Fence heights are generally 10' and 12' for tennis court enclosures. If you require a custom height for your fencing, give us a call so we can discuss your options.

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