DOg Runs

Kennels and Dog Runs for Calgary, Edmonton and Kelowna

Lynx offers reliable chain link dog runs, pens and kennels for Edmonton, Calgary, and Kelowna residents. Our installation process takes only minutes and gives you maximum safety and security.

Each section of the modular dog kennel is manufactured with 100% galvanized steel tube and all welds are painted with zinc-rich rust inhibitors. The modular panel design makes hanging, hauling and assembling this modular kennel easy, safe and simple. The chain link wire is attached with all-galvanized steel fittings and 9-gauge aluminum tie wires. Its 36" wide gate/door opening allows easy entry and safe locking. Our Calgary, Kelowna and Edmonton dog pens and runs have many features including:

  • 9-gauge galvanized chain link wire

  • Galvanized steel fittings and aluminum tie wires

  • 1" extended legs, making kennel cleaning easy and preventing bacteria from hiding in unreachable places

  • Easy assembly with modular panels and gates

  • Lockable steel door latch which is virtually inoperable by your pet

  • Superior door hinge designed to stay firmly in place, even after years of use

Whether you have a St. Bernard or a Havanese dog, our dog pens and runs come in various dimensions for dogs of different sizes. Keep your dogs active with our dog runs that provide plenty of moving space.

Contact Lynx Brand Fence Products to create a safe space for your pets, or reach out to us for more information about our products.

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