Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Commercial Galvanized Chain Link Fence for Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta and BC Industries

To secure valuable property and equipment and prevent unauthorized access to your commercial or industrial premises, invest in a top-quality Lynx brand galvanized chain link fence. Our Calgary, Spruce Grove and Kelowna design and installation teams have installed these versatile, durable and cost-effective fences for a variety of businesses and industries across Western Canada.

Clients ranging from Calgary business owners to Edmonton area oilfield operators and Okanagan Valley growers all rely on the durability of the 9-gauge GBW fabric of our commercial galvanized chain link fences. Optional specifications are available, including light, medium and heavy. A 392-specification for Class 1 zinc-coated steel chain link fence fabric states that the weight of zinc coating shall not be less than 1.2 oz. per square foot. 

Chain Link Gates

Along with our galvanized fences, we also provide chain link gates in the Calgary, Edmonton and Kelowna areas. These gates are known for their cost-effectiveness and low maintenance costs. Galvanizing chain link gates can prevent rust from forming on them.

They come in a variety of options and are chosen for their wide range of designs. Although there are many designs available in different colours, the silver steel colored ones are most used. To know more about chain link gates, contact us in Kelowna, Calgary, or Spruce Grove and Edmonton.

Galvanized Chain Link Fences for Schools

It is always important to safeguard your property, especially if it is a school with students inside. With the installation of chain link school fences, school staff can easily monitor playing children and ensure children do not inadvertently leave the premises. They are also preferred because of their strength and durability. Get galvanized chain link fences for your school today.

To learn more about our galvanized chain link fencing and gates, contact Lynx Brand Fence Products in the Calgary, Edmonton and Spruce Grove and Kelowna areas today.

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