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Lynx Post & Cable Fencing in Calgary, Spruce Grove & Kelowna

Post and cable fencing is both a functional and attractive way to line your property. This is a popular fencing solution for those looking to protect a wide perimeter area from vehicular traffic. No matter the type of property you’re looking to surround, we can custom design your fence to match the perimeter or geographical area. 

Post and cable fences are designed with two or more wooden posts joined together by one or more cable assemblies. They can be built in one of two ways; either the cable is threaded through the post or through the eye of the post. The result is a strong and durable fence meant to last for years to come.

These posts are easy and fast to install and require very minimal maintenance. If you need a quick and effective fencing solution for your commercial property, post and cable fencing from Lynx Brand might be the right option for you. Call us today to learn more about this fencing selection.

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